A hot week in June with Toyama Sensei

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Published 28 June 2017

On the week commencing 19th June JKS England and Wales were lucky enough to host JKS Hombu dojo instructor Shohei Toyama.

Toyama sensei had been teaching in Scotland the week before and arrived for a 3 day tour delivering evening courses for JKS Wales in Brecon on Tuesday 20th June, then onto the full time Walsall Karate Dojo in the midlands on Wednesday 21st June and then finally moving across to Norwich teaching at Traditional Karate and Fitness on Thursday 22nd June.

It was safe to say that all three days proved to be very hot and very sweaty as it coincided with the hottest week of the year so far.

All three days were extremely well attended and Toyama Sensei delivered two courses on each of the three evenings that covered Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

Toyama Sensei showed first hand the level of detail in technique and delivery that is expected of anyone who has graduated from Teikyo University Karate club and the JKS Instructors course. In particular the speed of kumite on display was unbelievable as was the purity of each technique delivered by Toyama Sensei. This is yet again testament to the karate being produced by the JKS Headquarters under the leadership of Masao Kagawa Shihan. It was quite easy to see why Toyama has won 2 silver medals out of both his two WKF Premier League events entered so far. Next month he is representing Japan in the WKF Asian Championships in -60KG kumite.

Not only did Toyama Sensei display superb karate, he also introduced some great training tips and drills into each session for everyone, irrespective of their level or experience, to introduce to their own training sessions to improve.

It's safe to say that this was a very inspiring karate experience indeed!